Eaves Skylights Manufactured in South Africa Manufactured in South Africa P r o d u c t   I n f o r m a t i o n T i m b e r   D u r a b i l i t y   Only the finest selected Meranti timber is used and sourced from sustainable rainforest.  Hardwood offers the greatest durability and best resistance to heat, thus eliminating  splitting and cracking. In addition traditional joinery methods are used to offer a superb  quality finish. There is no laminating or finger jointing ensuring no future problems.  P r e - p a i n t e d   f r a m e s   All inner frames are pre-coated prior to assembly, ensuring a complete and even  coating; even on areas that cannot be seen after final assembly, thus guaranteeing a  smooth and mess-free finish to a quality that cannot be matched by painting after  installation.   V e n t i l a t e d   G l a z i n g   All our roof windows and skylights are designed around a condensation channel, which  serves as a ventilation channel. Our Product Standard includes a 6.5 mm laminated  grey glass -barely visible to the passer-by; with 47% Infra-red Blockage and 95% UV  Blockage.   Various UV protective laminates are available including low E double glazing.  * 47% Infrared Blockage  * 95% UV Blockage   C o r r o s i o n   F r e e   Stainless steel hinges, stainless steel screws and anodized glazing extrusions make  our roof windows and skylights suitable for coastal conditions. With various cladding  options available in Zinculm, color bond and aluminium.  Designed by: 4za.co.za Copyright: Eaves Skylights 2010